In August 2016, the management of MAG Energy undertook a contract from the JSI Research and Training Institute Inc. to carry out the procurement and installation of Solar Lighting Systems in 50 (Fifty) Peripheral Health Units (PHUs) in Bombali, Port Loko, Tonkolili, Western Area Urban and Western Area Rural.

Before this project, several health centres in Sierra Leone operated with deficient lighting system and in some cases, even no light at all. There have been several reported cases in which health centre officials have been forced to use kerosene lamps, torches, candles or even mobile phone light to tend to patients that are in their care. While the nation’s power grid does not reach many crucial locations in the country, there remains a need for improvement in the technical set up of many of these hospitals and health centres.

With many acknowledgments to the JSI Incorporation who were very prudent in their decision and innovation to tackle this problem, we can confidently state that the issue of ‘lack of proper lightening systems’ in several health centres across the country have been significantly improved.

MAG Energy outsourced and procured high quality materials manufactured by reputable international companies to complete the project, such as solar panels manufactured in Germany by Heckert Solar, dry cell batteries also from Germany by Hoppecke, and GlowStar Lanterns by Sollatek in the UK.

Our workers and other relevant staff deployed executed the project in an efficient and timely manner and conducted themselves professionally.  Before the Handover, various tests and inspections were carried out and it was ensured that the various installations and set ups were correctly fitted and worked properly.

Today, the problem of dark rooms in health centres has been alleviated. In all 50 sites that MAG Energy was assigned, outdoor security lights and indoor lights were fixed and these draw their power from the installed Solar Power system. Each Health centre also received a Glowstar Lantern which would enable nurses to easily move around during night hours and administer proper care to patients.



Bumbanday MCHP Bassaia MCHP Benkia MCHP George Brook CHC Rogbangba
Fullah Town CHP Fotaneh Junction MCHP Gbombana MCHP Ginger Hall CHC Sussex
Gbanti CHP Kemedugu CHP Komrabai Ngollah Juba MI Room Banana Island
Gbonkonka CHP Macobana MCHP Mafoimara CHP Kingtom Police Mi Room CHC Kent MCHP
Kaponkie CHP Makelleh MCHP Magbeni MCHP Koya Town CHC Leicester
Kayongoro CHP Masumbri CHP Malenki MCHP Kroo Bay CHC Lumpa
Maforay CHP Mathamp MCHP Maronkoh MCHP Mabella CHC Makabeh MCHP
Maharie CHP Mayossoh MCHP Mayolla MCHP Murray Town Health Centre Makonkonday
Masingbi CHP Roneitta MCHP Robaka MCHP Susana Bay CHC Malambay MCHP
Samaya CHP Warrima MCHP Worreh Bana Wilberforce Health Centre CHC Metchem MCHP


MAG Energy was required to outsource and procure materials and items of good quality that were to be used to execute the project. The company was also responsible to ensure the safe transportation and workers and the materials to each site where the installation work was to be done and correspond with the District Medical Officer (DMO) of each district regarding the work in question.  Upon establishing contact with the DMOs, workers were set to carry out the installation process which involved the solar panels, the batteries and the necessary wiring.

The workers together with the materials and tools were transported to the sites by company vehicles.


The Solar PV Power generation system supplied and installed by MAG Energy SL Ltd is a high efficient, modular, extendable and cost effective power generation solution. The system is designed to meet the needs of these PHUs to ease nighttime visibility and to ensure that they have years of trouble free operations. These systems provide the prudent way of managing the energy costs in an eco friendly way.

The sunlight (solar radiation) falling on the Solar modules is converted into DC Energy by the photovoltaic principle. The Module mounting structure (MMS) installed were mounted to support the PV Modules at a specific angle. These angles vary from site to site as they are tilted in the manner that would capture the most sunlight.




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