Hotels, Lodges and other Businesses

We can provide tailored energy solutions to suit the needs of you and your guests or clients. Whether it is electricity, hot water, cooling, or wiring, MAG Energy is your partner for it. Sometimes getting electricity in remote places can be a challenge. As you may already know, guests visiting your hotel, lodge or place of business do not like power outages. MAG Energy can set up a reliable power system for you. We can design, supply and install a variety of products and services in order to get you reliable and sustainable electricity supply. These can include:  Generators, Solar Energy Systems, Backup Batteries etc.

We can also provide your business with other high quality products such as Air Conditioners, Voltage Protection Equipment to safe guard your electrical components against bad surges, Solar lights for both outdoor and indoor uses and much more. Our staff are trained to execute their work with minimal disruption to your operations.

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