Heckert Solar

Quality Made in Germany is the credo of Heckert Solar. For over 13 years Heckert Solar manufactures premium solar modules in Chemnitz, Germany and has realized several 1,000 projects in Germany and beyond. Especially as regards solar modules for roof top installations Heckert Solar has achieved an excellent reputation. More than 1,000 customers are convinced of the quality of the PV modules. Heckert Solar is deeply committed to its location in Chemnitz in Saxony and manufactures exclusively in Germany. With a state of the art production line, Heckert Solar produces mono- and polycrystalline solar modules in different sizes and variations. All modules made by Heckert Solar share the same basic characterisitics, which are on the one hand the high product quality and on the other hand the above-average yields and a long life span.