Solar Power & Hybrid Systems

Photovoltaic (PV) systems create energy from sunlight, and are marvelously effective, and durable. They are set up where they can catch enough sunlight  and, with no moving parts, can power up your appliances, charge your batteries, or make energy for the utility grid. Although solar installations may be more common in remote locations such as rural areas and the like, off-grid solar-electric systems can work anywhere and while doing so, save you a lot of money. A well laid out PV system would operate independently from the local grid to provide all of a household’s electricity. However, what happens when the sun goes down or on a cloudy day when there is little or no sunlight? MAG Energy would outfit your PV system with high quality batteries from world renown manufacturers.  These batteries would store the solar electricity for use during nighttime or cloudy weather, a charge controller to protect the battery bank from overcharge, an inverter to convert the DC PV array power to AC for use with AC household appliances, and all the required disconnects, monitoring, and associated electrical safety gear. The perfect Hybrid Power System you need.