Company Profile

MAG Energy SL specializes in the design and implementation of energy management solutions for commercial, industrial and public environments.  With a wealth of experience in different kinds of energy solutions, we have a solid, practical understanding of commercial and industrial power needs and public environments, which underpins our ability to design and implement the best possible energy management solutions for our clients.

Our offer spans from solution designs for homes and offices to large scale project management, installation and maintenance. MAG Energy SL strives to offer a personable, reliable, and professional service. From our engagement and execution of varying photovoltaic and other energy related projects, we will be able to develop an understanding of the key drivers behind your project, and to deliver in a way that fully satisfies your needs and expectations.

By partnering with a selection of reputable and world renown companies that are experts in their fields, MAG Energy SL have sourced a variety of high quality technology from reliable overseas suppliers such as Cummings, Sure Chill, Heckert Solar, Victron Energy, Sollatek and JCB Power Products. We stand behind our products and offer service agreements to our clients to ensure the ongoing performance of our energy solutions.

Various businesses working with MAG Energy SL to implement energy efficient solutions become more profitable and resilient to environmental changes and have reported confidence and reliability in their current power generation products. As a leading provider of green renewable energy in Sierra Leone and with rising electricity costs and increasing carbon emissions, there has never been a better time to invest in a MAG Energy solution.

Mag Energy is also a proud registered member of the United Nations Global Compact (participant ID: 106661) and we have established commitment to the UNGC Ten Principles of world sustainability which we have engrained into our company’s value system, policies and procedures, thus establishing a culture of integrity and global concern in our ways of doing business.

Our mission is to deliver innovative and tailor-made power solutions for Sierra Leone, as we believe that constant and reliable power supply is the cornerstone to improving standard of living of individuals and to the development of the nation as a whole.

Our Capability

MAG Energy SL designs and implements the following solutions:

  • Solar power
  • High Powered Generators
  • Hybrid Electricity Generation
  • Power and Electricity Logging
  • Voltage protection and optimization
  • LED lighting
  • Solar powered lights
  • Energy storage
  • Energy generation
  • Project management
  • Insulation


Our project managers ensure that you are kept informed at all stages of the process. We check all work for quality and test that your goals are not only met, but exceeded.


Our People

Our team is a group of skilled professionals including our project managers, engineers, electricians and other staff with experience across a broad range of services, trained and experienced in energy equipment, maintenance and servicing and various forms of power solutions.  We are experts in the latest technology and solutions – we actively seek to keep ahead of the pack with regard to learning about the latest offerings available from around the globe. We engage in regular training programs to ensure our practice is at or above industry standards.

We also draw upon a variety of subcontracts if necessary to form the ideal team according to your requirements.

We have offered our services as a responsible, experienced partner for various businesses, local authorities, institutions, investors and plant owners, primarily in the fields of renewable energy and photovoltaics. We care about our clients and therefore we flexibly deploy our services where they are needed. We offer customized service components (e.g. consultancy, planning and development, construction and operation management) or as full-service provider. 

In everything we do our principle is simple: A high quality at a reasonable price – sustainable, reliable and uncomplicated.