Sustainable, Reliable and Uncomplicated

We take pride in providing the nation with reliable and clean energy generation. In everything we do our principle is simple: a high quality at a reasonable price – sustainable, reliable and uncomplicated.



  • MAG Energy provides reliable, sustainable and intelligent solutions for power generation and consumption, energy transmission, distribution and management.


  • MAG Energy offers a range of energy infrastructure including high performance generators, cables, energy storage systems, renewable energy equipment (solar panels, recyclable batteries, etc.) We also offer an unrivaled range of electrical materials and equipment within the domestic market. 


  • We are Authorized Distributors in Sierra Leone for a number of world renowned companies manufacturing Power Products including Cummings, Sure Chill, Victron Energy, Heckert Solar, Sollatek, Inventor and JCB Generators.


  • Competent staff, outfitted, trained and experienced in energy equipment, maintenance, servicing and various forms of power solutions.


  • We have offered our services as a responsible, experienced partner for various businesses, local authorities, institutions, investors and plant owners, primarily in the fields of renewable energy and photovoltaics.


  • We care about our clients and therefore we flexibly deploy our services where they are needed. We offer customized service components (e.g. consultancy, planning and development, construction and operation management) or as full-service provider. 


  • In everything we do our principle is simple: A high quality at a reasonable price – sustainable, reliable and uncomplicated.


  • Our mission is to deliver innovative and tailor-made power solutions for Sierra Leone, as we believe that constant and reliable power supply is the cornerstone to improving standard of living of individuals and to the development of the nation as a whole.